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Hongjun Science and Technology offers a full complement of products including ac gear motor, dc gear motor, brushless gear motor, planetary gearbox, hub motor. Today, Hongjun Science and Technology is one of the largest motion control companies in china to provide solutions and quality products to tens of industries, and thousands of OEM clients in Asia, Europe, North & South America, Australia, and Africa. Hongjun Science and Technology has one of the strongest R & D teams in the motion control industry. That team consists of more than 40 R & D engineers and All of them are highly educated with most of them carry PhD & Master degrees in controls, electrical & electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, computer engineering, and computer science. Their strong background and experience allow Hongjun Science and Technology capable of designing superior quality products based the latest technology in the most efficient way. Hongjun Science and Technology operates manufacturing facilities which are superiorly equipped, professionally staffed, and ISO-9001 certified. That allows Hongjue Science and Technology to provide highly reliable quality motion control products OEM clients in the shortest time. Hongjun Science and Technology's products have proven records of being successfully adopted in thousands of applications such as CNC routers, mills, plasmas, lathes, laser cutters/engravers/
markers, inkjet printers, plotters, electronics equipments, medical equipments, semiconductor assembly & i nspection machines, electronics machines, packaging equipments, textile machines, robotics, pick-and-place devices, etc. In most cases, Lea dshine's standard "off-the-shelf" products are able to satisfy the motion control needs for most applications. For many OEM applications with s pecial requirements, Hongjun Science and Technology also offers customized products with optimized performance.