AC Induction Gear Motor

- Power 3~180W
- Voltage 110/220V 50/60Hz 1PH/3PH
- Ratio 3~200
- Min. speed 7.5rpm Max. torque 40N.m
- Frame size 42~104mm
- Overheat protection
- Lead wire type terminal box type
- IP20 for lead wire type IP54 for terminal box type
- CCC ISO9001 UL RoHs CE

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1. Micro induction motor refers to the motor rotated by the induction. Induction motor relies oncapcacitor and electromagnetism when starting and rotating. Though its starting torque is not very high, it has a simple structure, high efficiency and can rotate continue.
2. The single-phase motor have a reverse direction with the rotating's when operated. Please change the direction of single-phase motor rotation only after the motor stop.
3. Three-phase motor relies on three-phase supply. It has a high efficiency and can get a high starting torque.