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The basic introduction of gear motor
2014-03-13 00:13:16

Speed reducer is composed of gear and motor,so we call gear motor.Gear  motor usually supplied by complete sets.gear motor can be widely used in steel metallurgical, lifting transportation, car production, electric power, and other industries.The widely used of gear motor is mainly the following reasons:simplified design, save space, prolong service life, reduce noise, improve the torque and load capacity.Reduction ratio is the gear motor input speed and output speed ratio.

Series is the cycle of planetary gear,In  general the biggest can reach level 3, efficiency will be reduced.

Gear motor noise arising mainly from the transmission gear friction, vibration and collision.How to effectively  reduce noise, make it more environmentally friendly  at home and abroad is a key research topic.Many scholars at home and abroad take the variation of  gear mesh stiffness as gear dynamic load, vibration and noise.With the changes in form, make its dynamic load and speed to minimize fluctuation, in order to reducing noise.